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Roots 21/22

Our winter collection for 21/22 This collection was designed and crafted with lots of passion and care inspired by the “roots” Through this collection , we tried to highlight the different aspects of the roots from our perspective;

1. 48, which is the year of the Nakba, and it is the “roots” and the beginning of the struggle of every Palestinian everywhere! Most of the “roots” of the stories around us go back to this year...

2. Palestinian embroidery, and we have used patterns from Palestinian embroidery, as heritage is a great treasure that must be preserved and passed through generations. Palestinian embroidery is an important part of our roots, identity and heritage


3. The Palestinian traditional dress as a source of inspiration, where we studied the cuts and the flared sleeves and applied them to this collection by dividing each sleeve into panels to recreate the traditional look in a more modern way


4. Finally, the drawing of the actual roots, as it represents the roots of the olive trees clinging to this land. As the olive tree expresses the steadfastness, survival and the Palestinian farmer who fought and stayed. With this little collection, we've created modern designs with deep feelings...

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