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The story behind

Tuareg S23

Our main goal this summer was to explore more with fabrics and colors, and that is why our destination was : Tuareg

As a brand that is based on heritage  and storytelling , we never stop learning and exploring, not only  about our own culture, but other cultures around us as well!

We travel to new places through our collections and get inspired  to create charming sustainable garments!

After weeks of research we ended up designing - Tuareg

Tuareg are semi-nomadic herders and traders living in Northern Mali and across its borders in Niger , Burkina Faso, Algeria and Libya.

They are known for their special traditions and their famous blue outfits and face covering

We took elements such as airy fabrics, bright colors, some shapes, cuts and embroideries from actual photos from our research, combined these elements with our house codes such as :

 black and white signature details, elegant cuts, multi use pieces and etc...

To form a collection full of life, creativity and beauty!

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