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Mahmoud Darwish   FW20/21

Darwish Dear clients and online family you already know, we care to express a specific issue, or deliver a deep message, or an exciting story through our collections by focusing on important issues in general, and our Arab heritage , culture, and Palestinian identity in particular! And because we are an Arab fashion house, and we believe that art and fashion are inseparable things ... We believe that it is very important to convey our identity and our art of all kinds through our designs ... Therefore, this season we have chosen a Palestinian great symbol ... The great poet "Mahmoud Darwish" ... Who had always wrote about the beauty of Palestine ... and the beauty of its nature with its wheats and olives ... with its glory and resistance... And because we appreciate uniqueness , we have created our own fabrics ... to be the basis for our new and innovative designs inspired by Darwish's eternal poems! The collection will be launched soon! We hope you like it!

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